Phosphatidylserine from sunflowersPhosphatidylserine from sunflowersPhosphatidylserine belongs to the group of phosphoglcerides. It consists of the trivalent alcohol glycerine to which are bound two fatty acid residues and one phosphoric acid residue.


Functions of phosphatidylserine

  • Phosphatidylserine is the most important acidic phospholipid in the brain. With a share of 15 % of all phospholipids, it is particularly found in the membranes of the nerve cells where it is a structural lipid.


Useful information.

  • Phosphatidyserine can be formed by the human body itself from the amino acid serine.


Information on production technology

  • Because of the associated allergy problems, INTERCELL Pharma only processes hypoallergenic phosphatidylserine extracted from sunflowers.

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