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Intercell Pharma ist ein Premiumhersteller für ernährungsmedizinische Präparate und bietet ein breites Spektrum studienbasierter Produkte aus den Bereichen Probiotika, Ome­ga-​3-​Fett­säuren, Ma­kro- und Mi­kro­nähr­stoffen, Aminosäuren, Enzymen sowie pflanzlichen Extrakten an.
Zertifizierung der Produktions­ab­läufe und -umgebung sowie der Produkt­sicher­heit ba­sie­rend auf ISO-Standards und HACCP-Richt­linien. 
Die Verwendung besonders hochwertiger und geprüfter Ausgangsstoffe in einer optimalen Bioverfügbarkeit zusammen mit dem Verzicht auf allergene Hilfsstoffe, Farbstoffe sowie Süßungsmittel ermöglichen eine hervorragende Effektivität und Verträglichkeit der Produkte. Voll­auto­ma­tisierte Her­stel­lungs­an­lagen in einem pharmazeutischen Reinraum mit umfassenden In-Prozess-Kontrollen gewährleisten dabei eine gleichbleibende und konstante Güte sowie maximale Produktsicherheit, die unter fortlaufender externer Kontrolle des Prüfinstituts SGS Fresenius steht.

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Nutritional medicine is a multidisciplinary area of medicine, which deals with the influence of nutritional factors on the state of the body and sees nutrition as a key modulator of the state of health.

Nutritional factors modulate the organ and body functions of humans in diverse ways as an important component of the exposome, understood as all exogene (coming from outside) and non-genetic endogene (coming from inside) influencing factors to which a person is subject throughout their life.

The orthomolecular active substances in particular are accorded an important regulatory function. As well as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, this group of substances also includes bacterial cultures, enzymes, botanical and the secondary plant substances.

Wellbeing, quality of life and health of humans is thus significantly determined by the type of diet. The founder of modern occidental medicine , the Greek doctor Hippokrates of Kos (460-375 before Christ) already postulated this:

"Live a healthy life, and you will rarely become ill, except from an accident or epidemic. If you become ill, the right diet will grant you the best possibility to become well again."

Current scientific studies are actually impressively proving this: Diet is an important pillar of health care and an important influencing risk factor for many chronic diseases. Dietary guidance therefore quite rightly counts as “the most effective and cost-efficient form of disease prevention“. Health economic calculations for the German health system thus yielded a saving potential of up to 37.5 billion euros per year with a sufficient supply of vitamin D alone. To supply the population of Europe with an adequate amount of the long-chain omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA (1000 mg/day), the cost savings for cardiovascular-related diseases amounts to around 12.9 billion euros over the coming five years. These figures are already illustrating the significance of nutritional medicine for the health system.


Orthomolecular active substances as a key component of exposome

Modern manufacturing processes allow the extraction of effective and natural active substances such as amino acids, botanicals, enzymes, flavonoids, micronutrients, probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids, which can be purposefully administered for a functional body or for balancing nutritional deficits.Modern manufacturing processes allow the extraction of effective and natural active substances such as amino acids, botanicals, enzymes, flavonoids, micronutrients, probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids, which can be purposefully administered for a functional body or for balancing nutritional deficits.

Nutritional medicine – individualised medicine with an interdisciplinary focus

Nutritional medicine is an interdisciplinary specialism which is based on the findings of modern biomedical sciences (nutritional and food science, physiology and biochemistry) and the clinical specialisms, in this case preventative medicine and internal medicine in particular. Its scope includes the “Influence of diet on the functional state of the healthy and unhealthy human body and the influence of diseases on nutritional requirements, intake and utilisation. The aim of nutritional medicine is to

  • prevent diet-related diseases (primary prevention)
  • to curb the progression or the chronification of existing diseases (secondary prevention) or to minimise the probability of relapses, consequential damage and secondary diseases (tertiary prevention) and
  • to mitigate diseases and symptoms using suitable dietary treatment measures


Prevention and dietary therapy using micronutrients and other biofactors

The targeted application of defined quantities of micronutrients and other biofactors is a significant building block of modern nutritional medicine. The administration of biofactors thus serves:

  • a preventative purpose, targeting an optimal physiological state of the body
  • the indication-specific use in particular life phases (pregnancy and breastfeeding, competitive sports, older age) or in the context of particular lifestyles (e.g. a vegan diet) or
  • the dietary treatment of diseases. This is often carried out with a (supplementary) balanced diet which takes account of particular dietary requirements of certain patient groups (“diet management”) and which provide a combination of concentrated nutrients, which are tailored to their particular dietary needs. Today's life and diet habits often lead to a lack of key substances in the body which are necessary for the homoeostasis.

Since it was founded in 1986, Intercell Pharma has been developing, producing and marketing premium quality biological preparations. The basis for our production range is formed by the results of current medical research which we consistently evaluate in cooperation with scientists and take into account in our products.


Welcome to Intercell Pharma

Intercell Pharma is a premium producer of nutritional medicine preparations and offers a wide range of trial-based products in the fields of probiotics, omega 3 fatty acids, macronutrients, micronutrients, amino acids, enzymes and plant extracts.
SGS seal ISO 14001  SGS seal FSSC 22000: Certification of production processes and environment as well as product safety based on ISO standards and HACCP guidelines.  GMP: Quality assurance of the production processes and environment in the production of pharmaceuticals and food for medical purposes. 
The use of particularly high quality and tested raw ingredients in optimal bioavailability while also dispensing with allergenic excipients, colours or sweeteners provide the products with exceptional effectiveness and tolerance. Fully automated manufacturing facilities in a pharmaceutically controlled clean room guarantee consistent and constant products as well as maximum product safety which is subject to continuous external checks by the testing institute SGS.

Intercell Pharma | Therapeutic nutritional medicine

Intercell Pharma is an owner-managed company which focuses on nutritional medicine and biological preparations. The key area is represented by microbiological preparations, which fulfil all requirements of modern probiotics using several innovative properties. We also produce a broad spectrum of health-related products with natural active ingredients such as amino acids, botanicals, enzymes, secondary plant substances, micronutrients and omega3 fatty acids, which are key importance to the functioning of the body.

Evidence based preparations of the highest quality

Intercell Pharma | Therapeutic nutritional medicineSGS seal FSSC 22000: Certification of production processes and environment as well as product safety based on ISO standards and HACCP guidelines.SGS seal FSSC 22000
Our aim is to develop and produce particularly high-quality preparations, which correspond to the current scientific findings and which display formulations and concentrations, which conform to studies.

A fixed component of every formulation is to have the highest possible bioavailability of ingredients and avoidance of excipients as far as possible. Provided that the origins of the active ingredients do not prevent this, all products are hypoallergenic and suitable for persons with food intolerances or allergies. The preparations also offer consistently attractive value for money.

Download FSSC 22000 certificate as PDF

capsule filling machinecapsule filling machine

SGS seal GMP: Certification of production processes and environment as well as product safety based on ISO standards and HACCP guidelines.SGS seal GMP
The production of products takes place under GMP conditions at the site in Höhenkirchen. Modern facilities in a pharmaceutical clean room (ISO class 7) and extensive in-process checks such as the monitoring of weight of each individual capsule, guarantee the adherence to the highest quality standards. This includes the independent carrying out of each stage of the production process, from the selection of raw materials to their mixing and filling and finally the packaging. This results in maximum product safety and a constant and consistent product ( more information on production ).

Download GMP FOOD certificate as PDF


Download ISO 14001 certificate as PDF

SGS seal ISO 14001SGS seal ISO 14001